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a transformational 8-week Holistic Sex & Intimacy Coaching Program expanding the capacity for pleasure and maximizing healing for blissful connection in all relationships!

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Pleasure is your birthright. Struggling with intimacy is optional. 

Are you are experiencing difficulty connecting emotionally with a partner, friends, or family, unsuccessfully playing the never-ending online or in-person dating game, challenged sexually with low libido or body image, and ultimately feeling the wounds of past trauma affecting your relationship to self and others?

The heart yearns to love and be loved.


Imagine easefully communicating, dancing with authentic soul liberation throughout life, enjoying the sensual pleasures, cultivating a kind, non-judgmental, and compassionate relationship to your body and with others, fluently and extraordinarily relating with your loved ones AND accessing the abundance of your birthright... all while having the juiciest, decadent love-making you could imagine!

My invitation to Czeize The Day is to restore your permission to heal and transcend beyond your wildest imaginations into healed and thriving Tantric embodiment.


It all begins NOW with a simple, sacred, and enthusiastic, “FUCK YES!”

The Czeize The Day program is here to guide you from disconnection and depletion to the magic and abundance of the extraordinary - a life capable of being lived in peaceful bliss, each and every day!


I'm your guide, Andrea.

With over seven years of Tantric practice, a majority of my life has been devoted to the mastery of relationships. Countless friends have leaned on me and countless clients continue to lean on me in achieving nourishing freedom.


My role as a healer and guide became clear when witnessing the growing endemic of disconnection exponentially exceeding beyond the 2020 pandemic. Czeize The Day was born out of necessity and service to reconnect my community, my world.


Through my experience with various healing modalities, studies, and my deep concentration of life-changing personal transformation, I knew a radiant holistic approach to pleasure, connection, and embodiment was missing - so I created it with what brought me and countless others healthy, sustainable, and thriving success! Years of festivals, workshops, trainings, etc... in one limitless offering.


My embodiment is felt, radiant, and overflowing, so it is with my highest intent and permission, I invite you to access your pleasure medicine!


As a devote of sacred love and liberation, I have trained with The International School of Temple Arts, Tony Robbins, Juliet Allen, The Svatantrya Temple, and many others. My program incorporating all the skills, practices, experience, and knowledge I have to best support you in feeling that magic and aliveness with unparalleled bliss!

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"This eight-week tantric program is a guided exploration into cultivating an orgasmic, healing, and passionate life with my signature Five Sacred Bodies Method."


Opening Ceremony Session + Physical Body

Preparing the external reality safely for the internal shifts to occur with speed and ease. Ex: environment, patterns, community...


Integration & Rest

Anchoring in with parasympathetic practices, breath, sound, movement, intention, and exponential energy!


Integration & Rest

Anchoring in with parasympathetic practices, breath, sound, movement, intention, and exponential energy!


Mental Body + Session

Building a foundation internally through mind-soul healing. Ex: neuroscience, limiting belief and story work, mindfulness…


Spiritual Body + Session

Activating the Higher Self through inner wisdom and God-consciousness. Ex: cosmic aligning, new healing modalities...


Closing Ceremony Session + Celebrations

Together we integrate, actively rembody, review, release final shifts, and profoundly take the next steps to Mastery!


Emotional Body + Session

Activating the portal into our pleasure through energy in motion. Ex: decoding, somatic processing, releasing and nourishing…


Sexual Body + Session

Unleashing embodied dynamism through the senses, claiming the FUCK YES and FUCK NO, and elevating sacred union…


8 weeks of customized coaching,

6 LIVE video call sessions,

2 weeks of integration,

WhatsApp program support,

& 4 weekly hours of Pleasure Studies to amplify your expansion! 

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Leap to higher realms of juiciness beyond your wildest dreams... and so it is!

You will upgrade your life through holistically rewiring for pleasure and maximized aliveness. You will. "I will." 


Embodied relational mastery begins with the commitment to yourself, first and always, rain or shine.

The deeply intimate and personal path of self-discovery through Czeize The Day will activate your body, desires, and spirituality deeper than most people ever will experience in their lifetime. 

Are you ready ? Are you a FUCK YES to cultivating your inner peace, acceptance, flow in life’s symphony of aliveness, and radically receive your pleasure in abundance?


and enter the monthly raffle for one free day of WhatsApp Coaching with me!

"I feel my full-body

Claim your pleasure birthright and begin TODAY!


If you are a multi-media learner who is...

  • ​​open to diverse spiritual and philosophical practices, with specific curiosity about Tantra and its potential for personal transformation

  • interested in meditation, yoga, mindfulness practices, alternative healing modalities, and exploring intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality in a conscious, honoring, sacred, and respectful way

  • living a health-conscious, environmentally aware, and intentionally sustainable life

  • solid in your willingness to be introspective, empathetic, and challenge social norms

  • and values personal growth, spirituality, self-awareness, and holistic well-being

...then you're ready to #czeizetheday!

Close your eyes, lean into your throne, and feel the flow of lightness and joy engulf your body.


Here you are, teleported into your new reality with…

  • learned techniques, skills, and tools for extended pleasure and orgasmic experiences

  • enhanced communication with more love and compassion for all

  • ecstatic intimacy and connection with your loved ones like never before

  • healed wounds with released emotional blockages, trauma, and inhibitions

  • reverence for the complimentary weaving of science and sexuality


…and so the list goes on.


What you will always remember is the feeling of appreciation for your commitment, the pleasurable ease of life, your radical transformation, achieved success, and embodied state of ecstatic LOVE!

What is Tantra? 
By its Sanskrit definition, it means to weave into wholeness. It’s impossible to perfectly verbally or logically describe, as it must be experienced and felt by the body in order to comprehend its magic. My definition: Tantra is remembering your divine nature and living a sacred, liberated life! Tantra is neuroscience, mindfulness, somatics, communication, breath, sound, movement, intention - tantra is authentic healing. Christians can practice it, atheists can practice it. Within Tantra, you can choose to access expansive divine love, pleasure, embodiment, and connection as your true multidimensional self.

What can I expect during a Tantra coaching session?
Expect a opening period, where we both check in and identify desires and needs for the week, our embodiment practice with space for feedback, and our closing integration period, where final questions and wisdom can be shared and received.


What if I want to continue my Tantric guidance with Andrea?

In your returning Czeize The Day programs, more advanced practices are given and the option of in-person sessions is offered. Additionally for returning clients, single or bundle sessions are offered. My Pleasure Membership, a vault of tantric education, musings, and details on my Tantric life, is available to everyone, here

#czeizetheday #fuckyes

With love, 

Andrea 🌹

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